Monday, September 09, 2019
Registration & welcome coffee
Opening remarks (in Concorde Salon)
Lorraine Whitfield, Chief Events & Marketing Officer, Euroconsult
WSBW opening presentation – Matrix reloaded: The new dawn of satellite connectivity (in Concorde Salon)
Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
Content: Personalization is the key to success!

While content remains “king” for entertainment, the personalization of services is a key driver to optimize passenger participation and satisfaction. Executives from content providers and end-users will exchange on the transformation of their platforms, on consumption patterns, and monetizing the services.

Xavier Lansel, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Rachelle Peterson, Global Director - commercial distribution, Turner
Tim Letheren, Co-founder, Inadvia
Julien Sivan, CEO & Co-Founder, SKYdeals
Agnès Debains, Co-Founder, Airfree
Morning coffee break
On the advent of full airborne connectivity - what it takes to make it happen

Airbus will present its vision on:

> Enabling ubiquitous, seamless, secure, affordable connectivity for all targeted users, from the passenger, cabin crew and pilot, to maintenance personnel and ground services

> How the wave of groundbreaking technologies are providing necessary stepping stones

> Building the technology roadmap, underpinning the convergence to make ubiquitous connectivity a reality

Hugues Favin-Leveque, VP Connectivity Roadmap, Airbus
Building and growing an airline centric IFC strategy

Airlines from around the globe will discuss the importance of IFC for an airline. The new avenues that can be explored while developing an airline-centric strategy for optimizing IFC onboard.

Vishal Patil, Consultant, Euroconsult
Zhihang Chi, Vice President & General Manager, Air China
Franco Lanza, Executive Advisor to the Chairman and CEO, Air Tahiti Nui
Enea Fracassi, Fleet Director, Corsair
Official lunch
State of play and prospects for the IFC market
Xavier Lansel, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Innovation and integration of IFC in current and future aircraft

IFC equipment and its integration onboard operational and future aircraft represent an important stake for the entire ecosystem. Executives from industrial organizations will discuss the current status and way forward, taking into account the need to optimize innovation, performance and the fast integration of IFC solutions.

Nathan de Ruiter, Managing Director, Euroconsult Canada
Brian Saunders, Strategy Lead, Boeing
Jean-Marie Betermier, President, Zodiac Data Systems
Stéphane Bloch, Director of International Operations, Astronics
In discussion with Qatar Airways
Susan Irwin, Affiliate Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Ashraf Hoseini, Manager EFB Systems, Qatar Airways
Afternoon coffee break
Airlines' path to next gen IFC (joint panel with SSF)

Executives from international airlines will discuss their return on experience on IFC and share their views on ways to develop and their expectations for the next generation of connectivity onboard their fleets.

David Bruner, CEO, Aviation Communications Advisors
Vy Duong, Innovation and Revenue Generation Marketing, American Airlines
Charles Hageman, Customer Journey Manager, KLM
Quentin Couturier, Senior Manager BFE & Contracts, Etihad Airways
Shifting strategies: Increasing the value proposition through flexible services (joint panel with SSF)

IFC service providers will share the challenges and strategies necessary to meet the evolving airline connectivity trends. As in-flight connectivity business models are rapidly changing, service providers are developing new flexible offerings to accommodate customers’ requirements.

Susan Irwin, Affiliate Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Todd Hill, Senior Director, Global Satellite Capacity Planning, Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Dave Elliott, Managing Director, Viasat Ireland
Matt Petzold, CFO, SmartSky Networks
Gustavo Nader, Head of Strategy, IFEC, Thales InFlyt Experience
Closing remarks
Official cocktail reception hosted by