Monday, September 10, 2018
Registration & welcome coffee
Opening remarks (in Concorde Salon)
Lorraine Whitfield, Chief Events & Marketing Officer, Euroconsult
WSBW opening presentation – Connectivity & entertainment: The role of satellite (in Concorde Salon)
Pacôme Révillon, CEO, Euroconsult
SmartPlane market presentation (in Aiglon Salon)
Florent Rizzo, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
The airline’s perspective: Ever-increasing expectations from connected passengers

One can now refer to Quality of Experience (QoE) rather than Quality of Service (QoS). In-flight connectivity is perceived by passengers as a part of their overall in-flight experience. The behavior of bandwidth-hungry passengers is raising expectations from IFC as it is being considered as a commodity. Different factors related to passenger expectations such as combining the IFE and IFC services provided or the perception brought by the millennial generation of passengers will be discussed during this session.

Susan Irwin, Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Patee Sarasin, Former CEO, Nok Air
Mathieu Dollé, Product Manager, Connectivity, Air France
Franco Lanza, Executive Advisor to the Chairman and CEO, Air Tahiti Nui
Morning coffee break
Airline case study: Decisive factors pushing airlines to consider cabin connectivity

In-flight connectivity is gaining a lot of attention from airlines in different parts of the world. Some airlines were early adopters while others prefer to wait and watch. In this session, a brief interview will be conducted with an airline which is on the verge of getting connected. The interview will cover the different factors that encourage or discourage an airline to adopt connectivity services too early.

Florent Rizzo, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Zhihang Chi, Vice President & General Manager, Air China
The content provider’s perspective: “How can IFE and enriched content act as a catalyst for extracting the value of in-flight connectivity?”

In-flight entertainment is a comparatively older concept than in-flight connectivity but today both these concepts are highly interdependent. During this session, the importance of IFE and content will be discussed along with its evolution. This session will consider how to choose the right business model for both airlines and content providers, and the role of various stakeholders in passenger experience. The session will focus on how airlines can develop their brand through enriched IFE content. 

Susan Irwin, Principal Advisor, Euroconsult
Max Coppin, Partnership Development Manager, Google
Dirk Ottens, Senior Manager Content & Media Strategy, BoardConnect In-Flight Entertainment, Lufthansa Systems
Jean-Marc Chevassus, CEO Inflight Media Digital, IMM International Group
Cyril Jean, CEO, PXCom SAS
Ralph Wagner, Co-Founder & CEO, Axinom
Operational improvements enabled by EFB and cockpit connectivity
Florent Rizzo, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Richard Niland, EFB Manager, Aer Lingus
The road to digital aviation – via the smarter plane and disruptive technologies

The aviation industry is influenced by similar digital trends to those observed in the global industry. The digitalization and innovations brought with it facilitate aircraft manufacturing, operations and maintenance. Digital trends are impacting all the stakeholders in the aviation industry. Analytics, big data, and IoT will open up a lot of opportunities when coupled with recent technological advancements, such as an electronically steerable antenna, beam-forming technology, and the overall miniaturization, and increasing efficiencies of systems. Our panelists will discuss the implications of digitalization from different angles of the IFC value chain.

Nathan de Ruiter, Managing Director, Euroconsult Canada
Jean-Marie Betermier, President, Zodiac Data Systems
Dave Helfgott, CEO, Phasor, Inc.
Lukas Bucher, Head of Aircraft Modification International, Lufthansa Technik
Afternoon coffee break
Return on experience: Connectivity and the evolution of the IFC economic model (joint panel with SSF)

In-flight connectivity is reaching a new level of maturity every year. The increasing bandwidth supply and demand, the corresponding improvement in equipment technologies, and the ever-changing passenger behavior are having an ever-greater impact on airlines. Airlines being at the forefront of the overall passenger experience have to stay dynamic and adapt accordingly. In this session, our panelists from different airlines, operating in different parts of the world, will share their experiences related to IFC. Emphasis will be given to the different economic models present in the airline industry and their evolution related to the IFC.

David Bruner, CEO, Aviation Communications Advisors
Amanda Fish, Manager, Fleet Initiatives, Delta Airlines
Quentin Couturier, Senior Manager – Fleet Development, Etihad Airways
Boris Bubresko, VP, Business Development, Norwegian Air Shuttle
The service provider’s perspective: “Being at the heart of the IFC value chain” (joint panel with SSF)

At the center of the IFC value chain, satellite service providers witness every transformation in the aviation industry, from evolutions in capacity pricing to the increasing maturity of airline operators. As the industry matures, vertical or horizontal integration and other types of strategic positioning in the value chain may become relevant in a dynamic environment. During this session, service providers will share their views on the competition, industry evolution, business models, and competitive positioning for today and tomorrow.

Brent Prokosh, Senior Consultant, Euroconsult
Nancy Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, SmartSky Networks
Don Buchman, VP, Commercial Mobility, ViaSat
Gustavo Nader, Vice President Strategy, Thales InFlyt Experience
Closing remarks
Official cocktail reception hosted by