Rachelle Peterson

Global Director - commercial distribution


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Rachelle Peterson is the Global Commercial Distribution Director for Turner, where she manages the company’s B2B distribution business, ensuring linear and digital delivery of CNN International and Turner feature programming to hotels and live streaming and VOD content to airlines, cruise and other commercial sectors.

Rachelle has a special remit to develop new and exciting ideas that reflect the way that travelers of today consume content on the go.  

In 2018 Rachelle created and developed CNN TAP a digital content and advertising platform that monetizes travel technology through CNN’s business partners Wi-Fi connectivity.  At the core of this success are data-driven, revenue generating sponsorship campaigns that deliver an improved user experience for guests and passengers across hotels, cruise- and airlines, airports as well as shopping malls and transport companies creating the CNN Traveller Network.

An effective public speaker, Rachelle is a sought-after presenter at exhibitions and conferences. She communicates key concepts in business innovation supported by smart adoption of technology with an emphasis on revenue opportunities and enhanced guest and passenger experiences.