Stéphane Bloch

Director of International Operations


French Republic

Graduated from French Engineer’s school ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France, Stéphane has been working for 39 years in the fields of conception, installation and certification of civil aircraft systems.

After being lead electronic design engineer in Labinal, he moved to Air France in 1986 as Avionics Engineering Manager, responsible for avionics retrofit and certification. He was responsible for the first connectivity programs at Air France, he ensured Corporate representation in various aeronautical bodies (AEEC, EAEC, EUROCONTROL...), and was actively involved in the genesis of several ARINC specifications.

In 1996, Stéphane created EAD Aerospace, an engineering and certification retrofit house which pioneered the EASA Production Organization Approval (POA), and Design Organization Approval (DOA). He also co-founded a US based company, which became Armstrong Aerospace, acquired by Astronics in 2015. 

Now Director of International Operations at Astronics CSC, Stéphane continues to leverage his experience to develop new Engineering methods, consolidate Certification expertise between EASA and FAA worlds, and bring innovative technical strategies for the installation and certification of next generation systems.